Melanie & Nicole June 7, 2013

Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC

Wtoo Brides Style 17732 Olivia & Wtoo Brides Style 16213 Polina Wtoo Bridesmaids Style 184 & Style 611 in Stone

From the Brides: We each chose our dress without knowing what the other had chosen. Come to find out, not only did we both choose gorgeous Wtoo dresses, we both had the same feeling the very first time we put the dress on - it was THE dress. Tropical Storm Andrea threatened to ruin our day, but we didn't let it. Armed with umbrellas, we still got all the photos we had been dreaming of getting and the dresses held up beautifully all day. The rain stopped just in time for the ceremony. It was truly the best day of our lives!

Photography by: Carolyn Scott Photography