1. Thomas Knoell crown style name CALYPSO.
2. Blue sweet pea blossoms. 3. Purple Agapanthus blossoms.
(Of course feel free to use whatever flowers complement your theme, but keep the scale small.)
STEP 1: CLIP & TIE Clip blossoms but leave about an inch of stem remaining. Tie the stems of a few smaller blossoms together with light string or thread to create little groupings.
STEP 2: ADORN Push the stems through the openings in the crown, mixing large and small blooms. Allow some of the crown to show through.
STEP 3: BEND & GLUE Bend the stems on the backside of the crown and glue with floral adhesive (easy to find, just google it).
WHAT YOU’LL NEED About 2 yards of fabric total. Scissors or cutting wheel. Needle and thread that matches your fabric color.
STEP 1: CUT Cut fabric on bias (diagonally) in 3 strips about 6" wide x 36" long. Smaller if you'd like smaller flowers.
STEP 2: GATHER Run a thread through one of the edges. Dip in and out about every quarter inch, then gather fabric so it shirrs and creates little waves. Do this for each of the 3 strips.
STEP 3: SEW & COMBINE Wrap shirred ends together and sew all the layers together so they form a blossum.
STEP 4: FRAY Pull edges with your fingers to create fraying.
STEP 5: WEAR, CARRY OR DECORATE Hot glue fabric flowers to a hairband, clump a few together and carry as bouquets, or turn them into informal center pieces. Super cute, with bragging rights too.